1. Upholstery from the Dominican Republic? You’d better believe it

    Upholstery from the Dominican Republic? You’d better believe it

    Amid the myriad of supply chain challenges facing furniture importers these days, the enormous rise in container shipping costs – especially for goods shipped from Asia – takes center stage. And the seemingly endless delays in getting those containers from an Asian port to a U.S. warehouse runs a close second.

    But the folks at Zuo have developed a very creative end-run around this issue. In addition to ramping up production at its upholstery factory in Mexico, the company recently began making upholstery in the Dominican Republic.

    So you’ve never heard of anyone making upholstery in the Dominican Republic? We hadn’t either – until we got a peek at Zuo’s new product launches at last month’s High Point Market. The lineup included 25 sharp-looking SKUs from the new Dominican Republic factory.

    Yes, the new products must

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  2. Gaming chairs are not just for Xbox and PlayStation fanatics

    Gaming chairs are not just for Xbox and PlayStation fanatics

    The pandemic-induced home office boom continues to drive sales of desks, chairs, lamps, filing cabinets, and just about anything else needed to outfit the workspace, and as companies large and small re-think the wisdom of requiring employees work in corporate offices, demand for home office furniture probably won’t return to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon.One unlikely beneficiary of this s...
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  3. Today’s dining room is more than a place to eat a sandwich

    Today’s dining room is more than a place to eat a sandwich

    In December 2019 – roughly three months before the pandemic redefined nearly everything that was considered normal – New York interior designer Christine Gachot had this to say about the dining room.

    “Rather than creating showpiece formal dining rooms, the dining room of the next decade will be a hub of energy for the home: work station, buffet, homework table, bar, and beyond,” she told MyDomaine, a website that follows lifestyle developments and design trends. “Space is valuable, and it should work for the life you actually live!"

    Little did she realize just how spot-on her prediction would be.

    The pandemic, as we know all too well, has forced many adults to work from home and turned millions of homes into remote classrooms. And much of this new activity takes place – you guessed it – in the dining room.

    We can’t help but wonder how many families actually eat a

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  4. It’s always the right occasion to focus on occasional furniture

    It’s always the right occasion to focus on occasional furniture

    Although sales are brisk in just about every furniture category these days, occasional furniture is a category that is overlooked far too often by retailers and designers.

    We’re not referring to the red-hot home office category here – although many furniture statistics gurus include it as part of their occasional furniture numbers. We’re talking about those cocktail tables, end tables, side tables and accent chairs that are sometimes described as the jewelry of a redecorating project.

    We’ve never fully understood why these items are overlooked, but we believe it’s especially important to pay attention to occasional as long as the industry’s supply chain woes continue. It’s not only a terrific way to boost the average sales ticket, but the category also presents an opportunity to sell an in-stock item to a consumer who may have to wait weeks or months for delivery of case goods and upholstery pieces.

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  5. Clever tips for furnishing your new home

    Clever tips for furnishing your new home

    That overwhelming feeling of purchasing a new home can be outdone only by the anticipation of furnishing and decorating it. Even as a young child, you probably dreamt about how your home would look like in the future. Now that you own one, it is time to make those childhood dreams a reality and make your new place truly a home. Of course, adult life is no child's play, and furnishing your new home is a serious project that requires planning, a budget, and a lot of work. Besides time and money, you will have to invest some thought into it. You probably will not do everything at once, and the process will take some time. Even so, no one says it would not be a fun project you will enjoy. Here are some clever tips for furnishing your home to get you started on this exciting journey.

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  6. Home décor is finally getting the respect it deserves

    Home décor is finally getting the respect it deserves

    Throughout my career in the home furnishings industry, home décor has been the category that gets no respect.

    It has been described with derisive names such as “dust collectors” and “costume jewelry,” and is little more than an afterthought in the product mixes developed by a fair number of retailers and manufacturers. (Many who do recognize its importance have labeled the category “decorative accessories,” which sounds a little more sophisticated.)

    But the pandemic, which has forced most of us to spend a lot more time at home, has erased all doubts about the significance of home décor and the important role the category should play for retailers and interior designers. Simply put, items ranging from bookends to vases have been flying off store shelves and warehouse racks in record numbers as consumers and designers redecorate.

    “Adding a few pieces of décor is an easy way to give a room a whole new look without spending a lot of money,”

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  7. No space for a home office? A cloffice may be the answer

    No space for a home office? A cloffice may be the answer

    Although we try very hard to keep up with all the lifestyle trends affecting the home furnishings industry, I must confess I had never heard of a cloffice until last week.

    Of course, my spellchecker flagged this newest addition to my vocabulary, but according to Pinterest Predicts, the social media site’s annual “trends” survey, a cloffice is the new home office and will be one of the most sought-after room designs in 2021. Interior designers, take note.

    As you might have guessed, a cloffice is a small space in the home that is being converted to an office. The space might be an actual closet, but according to Pinterest, it’s more likely to be a spot tucked away in the corner of an existing room. There’s usually no office “door,” but the occupant often creates personal space by using a bookcase or some other type of room divider.

    “Say goodbye to open floor plans,” Pinterest notes in its trend report. “Pinners are getting creative wi

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  8. Home office upgrades you'll need if you work from home

    Home office upgrades you'll need if you work from home

    While working from home has its pros and cons, one thing is undeniable – it is becoming more common. As the number of remote workers grows, home offices are replacing traditional offices. Bringing your laptop to bed and calling it an office might work for a few hours, maybe days, until you fall asleep in the middle of the day or start feeling back pain. Whether this is a permanent, temporary or occasional arrangement for you, you need to make yourself comfortable in your workspace. Here are the most essential home office upgrades that will help you stay healthy, organized, and productive.

    Build healthy ergonomic habits

    A job that requires you to be seated at a desk for long periods of time can cause numerous health problems, such as chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Unfortunately, few people think about their posture before they notice the first symptoms. To create a

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  9. Furniture: Shelter-In-Place Superhero

    Furniture: Shelter-In-Place Superhero

    I think we can all agree that now, more than ever, furniture is essential. What would we do without our couch during this quarantine? Not be couch potatoes? Well, for the first time ever, that is what we are supposed to be doing...we are supposed to be couch potatoes...who knew this time would ever come? Along with the couch, are all the other furniture pieces in my home, like the dining room table, armchair, patio chair etc. that have all played a big role in making me feel like I am not stuck in one place. And for the first time in a while, we can fully enjoy all of our furniture. Furniture: a shelter-in-place superhero!

    There is no better time to add furniture pieces to your home than right now, and here is why you should consider:

    1. More Spots to Chill and Hang

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  10. The Wellness Project With Lori Miller

    The Wellness Project With Lori Miller

    Did you know that your home can actually affect you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Wellness architecture was highlighted at the 2017 Global Wellness Summit as one of the eight wellness trends that will have global effects. It is about designing your home using composting, low/no VOC paints, hands free faucets, using mindfulness with a yoga room or soaking in a tub.

    It is about designing your home for your wellness, to bring peace and serenity. So, what better way to design for wellness than to help raise awareness and support breast cancer research? Lori Miller of LGC Interior Design chose to design a room for the Holiday House which is founded by Iris Dankner and helps raise crucial funds for the prevention and cure for cancer.

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