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  1. It’s always the right occasion to focus on occasional furniture

    It’s always the right occasion to focus on occasional furniture

    Although sales are brisk in just about every furniture category these days, occasional furniture is a category that is overlooked far too often by retailers and designers.

    We’re not referring to the red-hot home office category here – although many furniture statistics gurus include it as part of their occasional furniture numbers. We’re talking about those cocktail tables, end tables, side tables and accent chairs that are sometimes described as the jewelry of a redecorating project.

    We’ve never fully understood why these items are overlooked, but we believe it’s especially important to pay attention to occasional as long as the industry’s supply chain woes continue. It’s not only a terrific way to boost the average sales ticket, but the category also presents an opportunity to sell an in-stock item to a consumer who may have to wait weeks or months for delivery of case goods and upholstery pieces.

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  2. Zuo relocates into larger Las Vegas Showroom

    Zuo relocates into larger Las Vegas Showroom

    With accelerating vaccine rollout around the world, ZUO makes a Big Bold in partnership with the IMC to expand their permanent showroom at the Las Vegas Market from their previous showroom on Building A, 4th floor to a newly remodeled space to service the Interior design Community in Las Vegas year-round. This new Showroom will be open M-F from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be refreshed with new merchandise several times a year.

    The new Showroom is located on Building A, 2nd Floor space 216 is about 10,000 SF and will be the Home for ZUO in Las Vegas for the next 5 years.

    “We are very proud of the partnership we have with the IMC and the way they have responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic; we are confident the tradeshow industry will bounce back little by little

    In junction of their new technology, they keep developing such as SHOPZIO and JUNIPER where we can use t

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  3. Clever tips for furnishing your new home

    Clever tips for furnishing your new home

    That overwhelming feeling of purchasing a new home can be outdone only by the anticipation of furnishing and decorating it. Even as a young child, you probably dreamt about how your home would look like in the future. Now that you own one, it is time to make those childhood dreams a reality and make your new place truly a home. Of course, adult life is no child's play, and furnishing your new home is a serious project that requires planning, a budget, and a lot of work. Besides time and money, you will have to invest some thought into it. You probably will not do everything at once, and the process will take some time. Even so, no one says it would not be a fun project you will enjoy. Here are some clever tips for furnishing your home to get you started on this exciting journey.

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