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  1. ASID Gather event

    ASID Gather event

    Gather - A National Conference by American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), kicked off Wednesday, Sept 21 at the Intercontinental Miami. With three days filled with programming, education, and design focused displays from sponsoring brands.


    Gather 2022, is the inaugural conference event created as an opportunity for industry engagement where peer to peer learning and connection helps to strengthen interior designer’s business and practice.


    Kerrie Kelly, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, Sacramento, CA - FASID, Past Chair | ASID’s National Board of Directors shared, “It has been an incredible experience to have our professional members, students, chapters and Industry Partners - face to face again. Creating the opportunity to network and forge new relationships is at the core of our organization’s values and we are incredibly proud with ho

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  2. Zuo’s Ruesga named to prestigious Furniture Today list

    Zuo’s Ruesga named to prestigious Furniture Today list

    I’ve known Zuo CEO Luis Ruesga for more than a decade, and I’ve always been impressed with his creativity and his willingness to think outside the proverbial box.


    So I’m thrilled to report that those talents were recently recognized by Furniture Today – the industry’s most influential trade publication. He was named one of the “20 People to Watch” in its fifth annual People Issue.


    An accompanying profile of Ruesga noted his love for the furniture industry, in general, and modern/contemporary design, in particular.


    He was also cited for his aggressive posture during the pandemic, when he refused to dial back product development and maintained Zuo’s typical pace of launching about 100 new SKUs at every High Point and Las Vegas market. In order to keep up that pace, Zuo opene

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  3. New survey shows brick-and-mortar retailers are not yesterday’s news

    New survey shows brick-and-mortar retailers are not yesterday’s news

    We came across some fascinating consumer research recently that should give brick-and-mortar furniture retailers some hope. In fact, it should be very uplifting.


    The research, conducted by the industry newsletter Home News Now and sister newsletters Casual News Now and Décor News now, found that more than one-quarter of the respondents plan to begin their next furniture shopping experience at a furniture store – even before doing any online research.


    Granted, some 31 percent said their first move would be general online research through a search engine such as Google and another 23 percent said they would begin at a furniture retailer’s website. But the fact that 26 percent would begin by visiting a furniture store -- without previously going online -- was kind of heart-warming to this Baby Boomer.


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