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  1. Must Have Items For Your Bedroom

    Must Have Items For Your Bedroom

    When it comes to our home, most of us probably spend most of the time in our bedroom. For that reason, it is important that your room is cozy, relaxing, functional, and stylish (of course). Your bedroom is so special because it is the space that can reflect your own style and personality. Although your room should be unique and reflect your style, there are a few key elements that every rooms needs to make it look put together. Here are the MUST ITEMS to complete your bedroom look.

    1. The Right Bedding

    One of the most important items in a room is the bedding. Bedding sets the style, color, and overall mood of your room. For that reason, it is important that you take your time when choosing your bedding because it can make or break a room. Going off that, you can’t go wrong with neutral colored bedding l

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    We are so excited to announce that ZUO recently opened new galleries in 18 Sears stores in Mexico. This is a great opportunity to display our products for our customers in the same way that we display our products in ZUO’s permanent showrooms. Now, our customers will have more location options to view many of ZUO’s products!

    Each of the 18 galleries are 1,000 SF, fully decorated with the latest trends of furniture, lighting, and décor for you to find inspiration for your home. With the various styles that are displayed, you can find the pieces that best fit in your home.

    These Sears’ galleries will be changed 4 times a year, depending on the season. This will allow our customers to see our newest pieces, trends and to refresh their home with some seasonal additions. Our galleries are now open, go check them out!

    To all our customers in Mexico: Es un

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  3. How to Spice Up Your Home for Fall

    How to Spice Up Your Home for Fall

    Just because the dog days of summer are almost over, does not mean that you must stop loving the outdoors or spending time in your backyard. You can extend your summer love to the up and coming autumn. Fall can be a loved season as well considering its football season, Halloween, and trees change colors. With just a few additions, you can reimagine your home to be ready for the fall season.


    Look at what the leaves on the trees do when fall begins and be inspired to do the same to your home. Change or add a color to your space; This can be all it takes to announce the fall season. This does not mean that you must change your gray sofa or your white armchair, simply add an orange foliage pillow. The throw pillow will say ‘fall’ without actually spelling it out on the pillow. You can even add some dried florals (they are cheap) or dried corn husks to your Centre pieces. If you

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  4. How to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

    How to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

    A guest bedroom is the best way to welcome your family and friends in your home. It should be functional, but also a place where your guests can relax and unwind after socializing or being tourists all day. It should be decorated in a way that is stylish but also cozy and uncluttered so that your guests will want to come back to visit.

    Here are a few tips on how to decorate your guest bedroom:

    1. Have fun with the Space

    Maybe you have thought about some extravagant, colorful ideas for your master bedroom, but you were not sure if you were going to get sick of seeing it every day, so you decided to stick to the neutral instead. Well, the decorating rules of any bedroom do not apply to the guest bedroom so go ahead and use those extravagant ideas. Have fun decorating your guest bedroom with accent colors and in

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  5. How ZUO Creates Digital Content

    How ZUO Creates Digital Content

    At ZUO, creating digital content is a 365-day endeavor!

    Our global content team works hard every day to make sure customers get the most realistic images of our products. We start the digital lifecycle process with a studio photoshoot in our overseas offices, to produce images from multiple angles. We always try to capture unique details, textures and finishes for each item so customers can see details from each vantage point. Then, the team converts the digital content to 3-D using software that allows customers to place products into different environments. A technology known as Augmented Reality in which you simply use the camera on your phone to see what the furniture piece would look like in your home. Before buying any products, you can digitally place them in your home to make sure you love them!

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  6. Turn Your Empty Nest into the Media Room or Home Office of Your Dreams

    Turn Your Empty Nest into the Media Room or Home Office of Your Dreams

    You have gone through an emotional rollercoaster while preparing for your kid to go to college. When they are finally moved in and adjusted, you might not know what to do with yourself for a period or what to do with the extra rooms in your home. Listen up, it is your time to shine and make positive changes. Start a home project to distract yourself and create the home of your dreams. A great project idea is to make use out of the empty nests in your home. Your kids might be upset for a second, but I promise they will get over it when they see the new entertainment. Repurpose an empty nest to be a media room (your family’s very own movie theatre) or the home office of your dreams (that used to be in a corner).

    To make the best Media Room, add 3 things:

    1. Big TV Screen or Projector

    With an extra room i

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  7. 4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Living Room

    4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Living Room

    It has become a big thing to live in small homes as people are choosing to prioritize travel and unique experiences over more living space. With small homes comes small, awkward living rooms that can be hard to live in if you do not decorate strategically. Believe it or not, there are ways to decorate your living room to make it feel more spacious and less like Patrick’s home under a rock in Bikini Bottom. No matter how small your space is, you can still make it look stylish and more spacious than it is.

    1. Make the most out of your white walls

    Yes, white can be a boring, neutral color that you instantly want to change in your living room but think twice before you change it. As seen in my other posts about colors (and if you haven’t seen it check it

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  8. 3 Simple Steps to Making Your Apartment Balcony Cute andand Comfy

    3 Simple Steps to Making Your Apartment Balcony Cute andand Comfy

    If you live in a college apartment, or in a big city like San Francisco where your balcony is the only chill, relaxing outdoor space in your home (anywhere), you must make the most of it. You can even make your balcony another living room which would expand your 2x2 indoor space! Just imagine that. Many people leave their balconies abandoned and bored, including me for a while, but you can easily make your balcony as comfy and cute as your living room. Trust me, after your balcony redo, you will want to spend more time outdoors reading a book or talking to friends.

    Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your balcony:

    1. Plants, Plants, Plants

    Living in a big city or apartment means there is probably not much greenery or nature around you. If you are a nature gal or guy(or even if you aren’t) y

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