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  1. Furniture Lighting andand Decor Features Delancey Floor Lamp

    Furniture Lighting andand Decor Features Delancey Floor Lamp

    Furniture Lighting & Decor features the Delancey Floor Lamp in their latest October issue. An architectural bent gives the Delancey Floor Lamp a place in any well-designed home. Its open construction exposes its structural supports to give it an airy feel. Katie Caron writes: “From the base to the shade, these non-traditional floor lamps are anything but ordinary” (Furniture Lighting & Decor).

    When decorating a home, lighting is key. Lighting has the power to set the mood in any space, whether it is a kitchen, bedroom, living room, or office. Choosing the right lighting is of the utmost importance as it can make or break a room. Other than its functional use of lighting up a room, lighting is decor that adds style and personality to any space.

    There are many different types of lighting, from floor lamps and ceiling lamps to table lamps and wall lamps, each designed for particular rooms and spaces in a home. Picking the right lighting for you

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  2. Commercial and Home Designs

    Commercial and Home Designs

    It is always comforting to be able to walk into a store, restaurant, or any commercial space and have it feel like home. The way that a commercial space is decorated can have a huge impact on the reputation and first impression of the business. People are always looking for authenticity and a place that can feel like home. Allowing customers to feel like they are at home makes them feel comfortable to be in that space. A customer’s comfort in your business is of the utmost importance.

    ZUO is unique in the way that many of the furniture pieces can be used for both home and hospitality use. There is no better way to make a commercial space feel more like a home than actually using Home furniture for your hotel, store, or restaurant. If your customers can feel as comfortable in the commercial space as they are in their home, they will want to keep returning and staying awhile. Think a

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  3. Pulp Design Studio Features ZUO in ICON’s First Entertaining Issue

    Pulp Design Studio Features ZUO in ICON’s First Entertaining Issue

    We are so excited to share that ZUO’sLinea Bedside TableandChecks Stool Navy Bluewere used for Pulp Studios’ design project in a Lakeside home in Seattle, Washington. Pulp Studios states that it was “the BOLDEST project ever!” The lakeside home has modern, angular architecture to make the most out of the beautiful views. With this modern home design, Pulp designers aimed to decorate the home with soft, organic, inviting wood material and a few pops of color to add some fun textiles.

    The Linea Bedside Table was the perfect addition to one of the bedrooms as it is inspired by Scandinavian modern design and adds to the wooden design of the home. This slatted two-drawer nightstand and end table in solid f

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  4. Tips to Make Moving Into A New Apartment Easier

    Tips to Make Moving Into A New Apartment Easier

    Just this past week, I moved into a new apartment and with that came a rollercoaster of emotions, a shattered bank account, and a sore back. Who knew that moving into a new place wasn’t just about the fun decorating but also about unloading hundreds of boxes up flights of stairs and inconvenient spaces...I guess I chose not to think of the hard stuff (until it came).

    Thank goodness for my dad and grandpa who spent their entire Friday making trips to the storage unit and up flights of stairs. Otherwise, moving in would have taken me years. Although I knew moving would be a whole process, I did not imagine it would take so long to move into a 2x2 space. But, on a positive note, it came with a fresh start, a great new place with even better roomies. And it came with a learning experience, some tips and tricks that I want to share with you.


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