ZUO offers Winter Markets attendees a Preview of Summer 2017

As the demand for outdoor furniture continues to increase from furniture stores, online retailers, and local hardware stores; ZUO is offering Winter Market attendees, a preview of what’s to come for the Summer 2017. Helping to end the seasonal frustration; found by furniture stores and online companies who experience delays in production, avoiding missing the sales on seasonal outdoor products.

ZUO an International brand; has grown and adapting to the outdoor furniture industry; since launching it’s first collection of outdoor furniture in 2008. ZUO COO Steve Poon commented; “Over the last 2 years ago, ZUO began to shift it’s production in our outdoor category from a seasonal product offering to year-round distribution. This main shift can be attributed to grown in outdoor sales from each of our distribution centers throughout 5 countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil; each with vastly diverse climates and clientele. This global view to the casual market place has shifted our product launches away from a seasonal market, to a year-round Casual Outdoor experience.”

ZUO’s Summer 2017 Collection continues the company’s fashionable and trendsetting designs- offering contemporary updates in a variety of aesthetics. The new collection focuses on new innovative weave patterns and colors made with long lasting all-weather poly-wood and poly-weave materials, as well as mixed materials and finishes within the dining, lounge and occasional categories. Additionally, many of the new introductions can be mix and matched- broadening a customers’ ability to create their own unique eclectic pairings and lifestyles. The variety of these new products also offers flexibility in price points, to meet any budget.

ZUO CEO Luis Ruesga shared; “As our customer base continues to grows and the demand for affordable outdoor furnishings gets more competitive, we decided to share our newest Summer 2017 collections showcase at January Markets. The new innovative weave patterns and colors highlight our in-house design teams trendsetting abilities. Plus, we have an entire collection of loungers that almost defy gravity, while still offering unbeatable durability and affordable luxury.”