ZUO helps to #FIGHTTHEFLOOD by donating furniture to help Louisiana Flood Families.

Many news outlets have broadcast details about the devastating storms in the Louisiana throughout the last few weeks, but not as many stories have focused in on solutions and donations offered to help those with nothing left.

Louisiana’s Baton Rouge area was flooded from the recent storms; outside of the 100 year flood plains effecting residents that never expected or planned for flood insurance. To give you some perspective Baton Rough received more rain in 72 Hrs than Los Angeles has received in 4.5 years.

And with US FEMA's relief fund maximum reimbursement being only $33,000 – meaning everything else a flood survivor will need to rebuild or refurnish their homes is entirely out-of-pocket. This unexpected, unplanned 1,000 year flood has displaced well over 100,000 residents - with an estimated 40,000 homes flooded and some totally destroyed.

In an effort to help those in need local companies Denicola's Upholstery and Monochrome Furniture created a grass roots furniture drive to give back to residents and families. Out of the warmth of their hearts Monochrome & Denicola's have worked tirelessly for the last three weeks to contact vendors and house the furniture for the drive. Reaching out to vendor’s for donations; CA based manufacture ZUO; only one of many companies that have offered to donate and ship furniture to help efforts at the disbursement site.

Monochrome’s Bridget Tiek has been the vendor coordinator shared how this all began:

"The drive began as a personal donation of furniture to families in need and grew as a way to help all members of our flooded community. First we started with reaching out to people who were not affected by the flood to donate any furniture, but quickly realized we could have a far greater reach by reaching out to our many vendors. Once we announced the furniture drive, the requests for furniture for flood victims started to rush in by the hundreds, further solidifying the need for us to reach out on a national level! Over the last weeks, we have received hundreds of items from bar, dining, living room and bedroom furniture plus mattresses to help those affected by the flood. We are so happy with the results and being able to help so many families. The examples of selflessness and human kindness are immeasurable. Louisianan’s are a strong people and we have been tested more often than average, but the strength of our communities is without resolve to rebuild stronger and better futures.”

As the amount of support grew and the number of donations increased Monochrome Furniture also now partnered with the Church of Addis, who is helping us to coordinate collecting donations and dispersing them. They along with their volunteers/partners, have been a major asset in the furniture drive.We could not have done this without all of our vendors love and support and the Church of Addis.



http://www.denicolasbr.com/ http://www.monochromefurniture.com/ http://www.churchataddis.com/