Why are details important in interior design?

Every single piece of accessory matters when you are decorating your home. We bring you some findings on why details are important in interior design.

If you think that nobody will notice the amount of energy you invested in decorating your home, you are wrong. Most of the time, the tiniest details are the ones that get spotted first. After that, decorative accessories of sorts are the ones that grab all the attention. And only in some instances will people lay their eyes on the usual ever-present furniture pieces with well-known purposes. Different is intriguing. And, different arranged tastefully is appealing. Probably we can all agree with these statements to some extent. But, do we understand why details are important in interior design? And how can we use this knowledge to our advantage? We will try to answer in this article.

The psychology behind details is important in interior design

Human perception of details and visual perception, in general, have been examined throughout the whole modern history. Among other valuable and fascinating findings, scientists have realized that some objects get more easily noticed than others. The items that, without exception, get seen first are:

     aesthetically pleasant items and,

     the pieces that don't belong

The reason being is that the human brain is used to detecting regularities and irregularities. This ability has helped us a lot as a species throughout evolution. To notice when something is out of order can save lives. And it has, therefore, become even more developed over time. Of course, when redecorating, it is in your best interest to include as much of the first category and as little of the second as possible.

Perks of modern living

Attention to detail, as a positive trait, can be found in almost every up-to-date personal resume. In today's world, we are repeatedly practicing to notice stuff. Starting from elementary school tasks to the various adult job descriptions, we constantly train to notice things. Especially in the recent past, since the wide range of home decor exists, we often see it as another challenge. To match everything harmoniously, to create a perfect home atmosphere, has never been easier. And since this competition is entirely possible to win, and anyone can join, suddenly we are all in. It is fun, fulfilling, and it doesn't take too much of our time. So why not adding or removing another detail in the living room?

Feeling at home with details of interior design

Details are what make our house special and unique. It is how we distinguish our home from other places. Knowing that you were the one who chose that specific wall decor and that your husband put extra care searching for that medium Lilian vase brings all the warmth inside. Any other painting or glass piece would not have even a similar emotional effect to these. So, in other words- specific details with emotional value are what make some houses our homes. It is what other people recognize and remember us by, too.

Details as security blankets

Whenever we are relocating or making a significant life change, we tend to bring a piece from the old life with us. That is how we stay true to ourselves. Somehow memories are very often stored in the simplest everyday objects. And that is another reason why details are important in interior design. When moving across the country, you most likely won't drag the old bulky TV along. However, your favorite tropical pillow may find its place in the suitcase. So, choose carefully when redecorating your home. Just as you may enjoy some of the items forever, others may haunt you for life.

The feeling of achievement

Whether it is a matter of prestige or a small-scale feeling of brief success, decorating gives a sense of achievement. With every new decoration and decorating scheme, we are closer to our dream abode. It is this idea that gives us hope and motivation to continue. It is how some people get rid of everyday-life stress as well. Sometimes, it is enough to hang a new oval mirror in the hallway to feel you contributed something. No other hobby or interest can bring about the same emotions. It is in our nature to seek comfort and beauty.

How to put this knowledge into use

Everything that we have mentioned above is perhaps engaging and interesting to learn. However, what is the practical use of it? Learning more about our tendencies and the reasons behind them can help us make better decisions in the future. When it comes to interior designs, in particular, there is a great chance all this can help us choose better. Smart shopping, combined with creative interior design ideas, can change your surroundings and your life to a high degree.

Some bonus advice, tips, and tricks for better results

     Set a solid base for what you are doing. Thorough cleaning and organization before you start decorating are essential.

     Put your ideas to paper. In that way, you will avoid forgetting some of them.

     Lightning is more important than you think.       A stylish ceiling lamp can modernize and improve the look of any living space.

     Curtains and bed-shits can change the whole outlook of your bedroom. Use that old trick.

     Less is more has been outstripped. Plane minimalism still works only for people not brave enough to improve on it. 

Art is a personal thing, and it always has been. So, listen to your heart here. You can always merge styles to make something new. You don't need to, necessarily, stick to only one style and risk a washed-out or boring look. Be brave and confident when improving the interior.

Finally, redecorating is a project like any other. The more time and thought you invest in it, the better the final results will be. Remember that details are important in interior design, and you shouldn't take them for granted. Just with a few details changed, your whole house can give away an altogether different vibe. Still, forcing anything can have the opposite effect. Your home should mirror your taste, and everything should feel natural. Expert interior designers can help you in the process. However, the final saying is always yours. Enjoy your new interior and the path to it!