Transform Your Living Space with Shag LLC: A Boca Raton Project by Designer Ann Corn

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, few transformations are as breathtaking as the ones that seem effortless. Such is the magic wielded by Ann Corn, a visionary designer affiliated with Shag LLC. Her recent project in Boca Raton serves as an exquisite testament to her talent. But what's even more inspiring is the philosophy that underpins her approach – that refreshing the look and feel of your living space doesn't necessarily mean discarding the old and buying everything anew. Sometimes, all it takes is a few accent pieces to bring about a paradigm shift in style.

Re-use and Revitalize

It's not uncommon for homeowners to grow tired of their interiors. Styles change, personal tastes evolve, and what once felt trendy might now feel outdated. However, Ann Corn believes that a complete overhaul isn't always the answer. Her Boca Raton project for Shag LLC is a prime example.


Taking a closer look at the space, one can see how Ann has expertly blended older pieces of furniture with new ones. The couch, for instance, might have been a staple in the room for years, but by introducing vibrant, patterned cushions, its entire aesthetic is transformed. It's an ingenious way of preserving the sentimental value of older items while ensuring the space feels contemporary.


The Power of Accent Pieces

One of the standout features of this project is the judicious use of accent pieces. A chic coffee table with mirrored surfaces, an eclectic range of cushions with bold prints, and strategically placed decor items give the room a fresh and modern vibe.

Accent pieces serve multiple purposes. Apart from being functional, they act as focal points that draw the eye. In Ann's design, the metallic finishes of the coffee table contrast beautifully with the plush textures of the sofa and rug, creating a harmonious balance. Such pieces can effortlessly bridge the gap between the past and present, updating a room by two decades or more.


Revamp on a Budget

The notion that a home makeover requires a hefty budget is a myth, especially when you have a designer like Ann Corn guiding the way. By repurposing existing furniture and investing in a handful of impactful accent pieces, homeowners can achieve a stunning transformation without burning a hole in their pocket.


Consider, for instance, the use of rugs. The shaggy rug in the Boca Raton project adds a touch of luxury and warmth, enhancing the coziness of the space. Rugs, cushions, throws, and even art pieces are relatively inexpensive ways to introduce color, texture, and character to a room.



Ann Corn's collaboration with Shag LLC on the Boca Raton project is a masterclass in innovative interior design. It underscores the idea that style isn't always about chasing the newest trends. Often, it's about reimagining what you already have and enhancing it with thoughtful touches.


For those yearning for a change but hesitant due to budget constraints or the idea of parting with cherished items, take a leaf out of Ann's book. A few strategic additions can catapult your living space into the present, making it feel as though you're stepping into a brand-new home, even if most of its components have been with you for years.