In case you missed us at Vegas: Watch our live VR experience

ZUO also announced it’s largest brand collaboration with technology company House Tipster – a technology company based in NJ who offers customize Virtual services to suit any business.

Our collaboration included the creation of a LIVE VR Experience for market attendees to engage in groundbreaking virtual technology. The experience included Virtual Reality googles suspended from the ceiling, which enabled attendees to submerge themselves in a ZUO 360 world.

Market attendees were able to see firsthand how House Tipster’s designs offer virtual technology-driven futurists live videos through exciting 3D virtual reality innovations.

The VR Experience was enhanced by adding a large display screen that allowed audiences to experience the 3D universe the google-wearer was submerged in as they walked through the virtual space.

Be sure to visit our links to learn more about VR technology and how House Tipster worked with ZUO 3D Models to create and incredible ZUO 360 Room setting.