Collab: A Small investment can make a big change in the comfort of your home

My Job as an interior designer is to make the house a sanctuary for every customer, specially in these times were being comfortable and save money has become crucial, that is why our Firm at Sally Schultz Designs we decided to partner with ZUO.

We can always find the latest trends, in fashion color and textures and stock available ready to ship. On this design collaboration you can see the update we have done with just a simple touch of modern bar stools, doesn’t matter if you use them for work, lunch or projects, we were able to get together a new look, for not much money.

During these times, I suggest to contact your local interior designer so we can help you with ideas on how you can make your house better for little money, trust me the investment is worth more than you think

Sally Fuscoe
Sally Schultz Designs