ZUO's Creative Director Kim Klaus, named finalist for HFN Top Women in Home

ZUO’s Creative Director Kim Klaus is named a finalist for HFN Inspiring Women in Home. This inaugural November 2018 issue, features 50 + incredible women, noting their hard work in the home furnishings industry. Digital Copy at www.hfndigital.com.Kim shared her excitement with press after being named HFN’s finalist;I am honored and humbled to have been nominated alongside a group of incredible leaders who I have long admired and respected throughout my career! I am so proud and excited to be part of the growing success at ZUO!

Since coming on board Kim’s role as Creative Director includes sharing her vision for brands bright future as she designs and curates new bold, trends, that incorporate and speak to ZUO fashionable and affordable aesthetic. Directing and overseeing company’s visual, marketing and furniture development; founders Luis & Steve has seen a literal transformation of their modern lifestyle brand. Creating award winning and one of a kind indoor and outdoor furniture and lighting collections - Kim has heightened brand awareness with increase traffic to each of the brands 25 + annual shows, while expanding their social media presence. Celebrating in 2016, how she led the industry with innovation and technology by ZUO, being named the first furnishings manufacture to have it’s own digital app. Described by many as dedicated, modest and humble – Kim shares her knowledge and creative nature to mentoring both our younger interns and the women and men who work for her. Focused on strengthening ZUO’s teams so that each individual and department work smarter. She embodies the qualities that a dynamic leader and finalist for Top Women in Home.

CEO Luis Ruesga shared “Steve and I are both extremely honored and proud that Kim was named a finalist for HFN’s inaugural Top Women in Home. The accomplishments Kim implemented by overhaling our www.zuomod.com website, design direction for our catalogs and in developing our digital app - all within her first 6 months was truly incredible. And in the two short years as our Creative Director, she has not only increased our company’s status but helped to sculpt and evolve our overall design style, elevating our brand to create more unique one of kind designs. Adding our success in designing furniture and lighting collections, she brings with her the wealth of knowledge and manufacturing experience with developing product, to spearhead our private label division with + 25% growth since 2016.”

Kim Klaus has spent her adult life working in the Furniture Industry, while holding high level product and creative design positions with many high furnishings companies such as Director for San Francisco based Williams-Sonoma, Inc.; Furniture & Lighting Product Development with Pottery Barn Kids Division. Additionally spending three years as the Head Design Manager: Furniture & Upholstery Product Development with Pottery Barn Division; and 5 years as the Lead Designer for Modern furniture manufacture Sitcom. Kim’s extensive experience also includes excelling as an Independent Consultant and Freelance Designer for multiple companies such as Restoration Hardware.