Tips and tricks for keeping your furniture looking fabulous.

Fabric Upholstery

Wipe all spills clean with lukewarm water and a damp cloth or sponge; blot to remove excess water; air dry. To prevent fading, keep fabric out of direct sunlight. Rotate cushions and vacuum crevices regularly. Clean all pieces simultaneously to prevent any variances in color. Professional upholstery cleaning is recommended for worse stains or spills.


For minor spots and spills, immediately wipe with a soft white cloth dampened with distilled water and let air–dry. Do not dry with hair dryers, heaters, etc. For spills of butter, oil or grease, wipe up any excess with a clean, dry cloth. Do not apply water or try to wash the spot. Leave the spot alone. The spot should dissipate into the leather after a short period of time. To keep the leather supple and prevent fading, protect it from exposure to direct sunlight and heating vents. Dust with a clean soft cloth. Vacuum crevices regularly.

Vinyl or Faux Leather

To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth. Vacuum crevices regularly. We recommend any non-commercial vinyl cleaner to remove spots.

Wood Furniture (including Real Wood, Wood Veneers & MDF)

To maintain the quality of your wood furniture, do not expose it to direct sunlight or excessive temperatures; extreme changes in humidity can cause warping. Always use coasters, pads, cloth or felt to protect the furniture surface. Use protective mats under hot dishes. Use a protective pad when writing with a pen. Lift objects rather than dragging them over the furniture surface. Blot spills immediately with a clean cloth. Dust often using a soft, clean, lint free cloth. Avoid harsh fabrics, paper towels or disposable dusting towels, as they may scratch the surface. Use a non–silicone and non–wax polish; do not use soap, water or wax.

Steel & Stainless Steel

Always use coasters, pads, cloth or felt to protect the furniture surface. Use protective mats under hot dishes. Wipe up spills promptly. Clean with a soft damp cloth. Wipe dry. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, chemical solvents, strong detergents, and cleaners with bleach. For Stainless Steel, we recommend stainless steel cleaner to remove spots.

Polished Marble and Stone

As hard as stone or marble is, the surface is still porous and might stain from liquids or foods, scratched and chipped. Protect from acidic substances like wine, coffee, fruit juice and tomato sauce. Always blot spills immediately and rinse with a clean, damp cloth. To prevent ring marks, place coasters under glasses and dishes, and use mats or runners beneath hard objects that might scratch the surface. Do not place hot items directly on the tabletop. Do not use chemical cleansers, dusting sprays, abrasive cleaners, or furniture polish. Dust frequently with a soft dry cloth.

Glass & Faux Marble / Faux Stone / Faux Wood

To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth. Avoid the use of chemical and abrasive cleaners. Wipe up spills immediately. For glass tops and shelves, glass cleaner may be used, but avoid spraying it onto the metal or wood frame.


For daily care, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Wipe spills with a clean dry cloth. Avoid the use of harsh cleaners and abrasives. Store indoors during long periods of inclement weather. Make sure furniture is completely dry before storage. Cover furniture with outdoor covers when left outside during inclement weather or when not in use. Use a proper outdoor cover that allows for adequate ventilation without trapping moisture.

Outdoor Polypropylene Weave

All our poly-weave products need to be cleaned and washed regularly when left outside. Simply start by wiping down with a damp cloth or warm water. For tougher dirt use warm water and a non-abrasive household soap.

Teak & Acacia Outdoor Furniture

Teak and Acacia woods are naturally resistant to the elements and the original color may weather and soften to a silver-grey patina if left outside and untreated. To remove the silver-grey appearance and natural day–to– day dirt, wash with warm soapy water using a soft scrub brush, stroking lightly in the direction of the grain. Allow to dry completely. Commercial teak cleaners and oil may be used to restore the natural color and luster of the wood.

Metal & Mesh Weave Outdoor Furniture

Wash frame with a mild solution of soap and water; rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. Cover furniture with outdoor furniture cover when not in use. Before storing, drain all water that may have accumulated around the frame. Store indoors when not in use or during periods of inclement weather.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Extend the life of your cushions by keeping them free of dirt and foliage. Periodically shaking or rinsing the cushions is recommended. Thoroughly flush using a hose with cold water to remove all soil and residue. For deeper cleaning, spot clean with mild soap. Do not machine wash or use chlorine bleach. Stand cushions on end and dry completely in the sun before using or storing. Do not place in dryer. To prevent mildew, never wrap in plastic for storage and ensure the cushion is completely dry before storing. Store indoors when not in use for long periods of time or during inclement weather.

Outdoor Faux Concrete

Our faux concrete collections come with cleaning and care instructions. We recommend mild soap and water to easily remove surface dirt or food from non-porous surface.

Outdoor Poly-wood Furniture

Wash frame with a mild solution of soap and water; rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. For oils or food rings/ stains use a mild degreaser, such as citrus degreaser then wipe with a dry cloth.