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  1. Sustainable Zuo

    Sustainable Zuo

    In a world with limited resources, we must do our best to save and ration these natural materials. The Zuo family knows that many people (including ourselves) have become more aware of the importance of being eco-friendly in every aspect of life to keep our earth green. We also know that everyone must do their part to try and save the earth. We are doing our part by adopting a variety of business practices to reduce our environmental impact.

    1. The Sustainable Furniture Council

    Sustainability is an important part of reducing our footprint, and for that reason, Zuo is a proud member of the Sustainable Furniture Council. This council is a non-profit organization created to promote sustainable practices in the furniture industry with a commitment to manufacturing operations

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  2. Furniture: Shelter-In-Place Superhero

    Furniture: Shelter-In-Place Superhero

    I think we can all agree that now, more than ever, furniture is essential. What would we do without our couch during this quarantine? Not be couch potatoes? Well, for the first time ever, that is what we are supposed to be doing...we are supposed to be couch potatoes...who knew this time would ever come? Along with the couch, are all the other furniture pieces in my home, like the dining room table, armchair, patio chair etc. that have all played a big role in making me feel like I am not stuck in one place. And for the first time in a while, we can fully enjoy all of our furniture. Furniture: a shelter-in-place superhero!

    There is no better time to add furniture pieces to your home than right now, and here is why you should consider:

    1. More Spots to Chill and Hang

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  3. The Wellness Project With Lori Miller

    The Wellness Project With Lori Miller

    Did you know that your home can actually affect you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Wellness architecture was highlighted at the 2017 Global Wellness Summit as one of the eight wellness trends that will have global effects. It is about designing your home using composting, low/no VOC paints, hands free faucets, using mindfulness with a yoga room or soaking in a tub.

    It is about designing your home for your wellness, to bring peace and serenity. So, what better way to design for wellness than to help raise awareness and support breast cancer research? Lori Miller of LGC Interior Design chose to design a room for the Holiday House which is founded by Iris Dankner and helps raise crucial funds for the prevention and cure for cancer.

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  4. 2020 Las Vegas Armoniosa Showhouse

    2020 Las Vegas Armoniosa Showhouse

    To keep our fellow Zuo family updated, we would like to share that we had the opportunity to sponsor the Armoniosa Showhouse in Vegas, baby!

    The Armoniosa Showhouse was a beautiful space to display some of Zuo’s favorite designs and inspire attendees to decorate their home with modern furniture and art. It can be hard to choose the right furniture and decor for a home, but a showhouse gives you the chance to see what designs could potentially look like in your home. Armoniosa Showhouse can be the ~inspo~ for your picture perfect home.

    In the spacious Loft and Guest House of Armoniosa was Zuo’s beautiful, velvet seating and accent tables. Let me (& every other design magazine) tell you ~velvet is the new black~ and in addition to it being trendy, it is soft and comfortable. Velvet uph

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  5. New Zuo 2020 Spring Style Book

    New Zuo 2020 Spring Style Book

    Hi ZUO family!

    This 2020, Zuo has recently launched a Spring Style Book that we are so excited to share with you guys! Here is the scoop:


    The Spring Style book features over 200 new collections! All the hottest trends, from Boho Chic to Glam to Urban Modern are included. With so many new collections, you can be sure to find a beauty that will fit perfectly in your home. But, what is so special about many of these pieces is that you can pair them with any furniture piece in your home to create your own, unique style. That is what makes your home, your home...it has its own personality. Don’t be afraid to pair a Boho Chic ottoman with your favorite, vintage armchair!


    The Spring Style book allows you to see all of our newest pieces for yourself! As you flip through the pages you will notice that, in addition to the individual furniture pieces, each page includes l

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  6. New Year, New Look: Freshen Up Your Home

    New Year, New Look: Freshen Up Your Home

    The new year comes with the desire for people to spruce up their home. Whether it is a full remodel of your home, new furniture, or just a change in the decor, you can freshen up your home by making the right choices. Here are a few tips on how to spruce up your home & keep it up to date with the 2020 trends.

    1. Keep it Simple

    The home design motto of 2020 can be put in three words...keep it simple. With today’s trends and styles, less is more. Before adding anything else to your home, start by cleaning up all the clutter. It is safe to say that unless you are absolutely in love with something, it is a necessity in your home, or it has been used in the past week, you can get rid of it. Getting rid of this clutter will help you create a minimalist look in your home & keep it clean. To further emphasize the minimalist look, consider a

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  7. How To Use Bright Colors In Your Home Furniture

    How To Use Bright Colors In Your Home Furniture

    How To Use Bright Colors In Your Home Furniture

    Bright colors can be scary to work with. Most people want their home to look its best and finding the perfect colors for your home can be a challenge. Because picking colors is such a struggle, we tend to stick to the neutral tones -- beige, white, black, grey etc.

    HOWEVER, bright colors do not have to be seen in such a negative light when decorating a home. Bright colors can be the cheer in your home, what makes you smile. With the right planning and consideration, you can pick a bright color that you won’t get bored of, or scared of, or ever regret!

    On top of it all, bright colors can brighten your mood and your home while also being trendy. Three birds with one stone.

    Here a

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  8. How to Make your Home Cozy with Modern Design

    How to Make your Home Cozy with Modern Design

    There is a stereotype with Modern design... that it can’t be aesthetically pleasing and cozy. Yes, modern design is shaped by clean shapes and lines which can be hard to find comfort in that. But, believe it or not, with just a few additions you can make your home modern but also, cozy, warm, and inviting for the winter months.

    It is that time of the year to snuggle up with a blanket, your cup of joe, and watch Netflix in your cozy home! Here are a few tips to make your Modern home the perfect place to snuggle up and watch your favorite show:

    1. TEXTURE

    If you have ever been to a hospital or a doctor’s office, you know that hell hole is characterized by smooth, shiny walls and absolutely no color...NOT COZY. So, you take that industrial design feel and do the opposite. HA! But seriously, add

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  9. Furniture Lighting andand Decor Features Zuo’s Planes Side Table

    Furniture Lighting andand Decor Features Zuo’s Planes Side Table

    Furniture Lighting & Decor features Zuo’s Planes Side Table in their January 2020 issue! Planes Side table has a fun mix and match of shapes that create a bold look while providing extra table space. Check it out at ZUO online.

    The Planes Side table appears in the Winter Market preview of this issue and is just a sneak peek of Zuo’s new 2020 Spring Collection. We have been so excited to share this collection of 250 items! Check out Zuo’s newest influences and design trends firsthand at the Las Vegas Market (Building A- 4th floor, Space A442).

    Whether you are a part of the ZUO family or trying our products for the first time, Zuo’s showroom displays our new Spring Collection & our best selling pieces that you can experience for you

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  10. The Magic Of Accent Mirrors

    The Magic Of Accent Mirrors

    I have talked about the magic of accent mirrors in previous posts, but they are so valuable that I decided to give them their own post. Accent mirrors have the power to enhance the visual appeal of any space, as they bring new textures, layers, and colors to any setting. In addition, mirrors add natural light to any room, making it feel more spacious. Here are a few tips to picking the right accent mirror for your room:

    1. Shape and Orientation

    When picking an Accent mirror, start with shape and orientation. Accent mirrors come in a variety of shapes, such as rectangular, arched, round, oval, square, sunburst, and other irregular shapes. When deciding on the shape, consider which will fit best into the wall space. Depending on the layout of the wall, you will want to decide on a horizontal or vertical design. Consider

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